Greek Arbor Beata Olive Oil

Arbor Beata extra virgin olive oil is produced by two brothers near Corinth in Greece, it is the result of the passion they both have to revive the oil production of olive oils typical of this part of Greece.
Two young engineers, Michalis Pachnos and Nikos Papafilippou decided to revive their common heritage, a rural property thet was their Grandparents and to create a new olive grove near Corinth that would be farmed only by organic methods of production.
The old orange grove was cleared in 2009 and young olive trees planted on the land, with subsequent years involving organic cultivation and through this they developed links to each individual tree on the grove.
In 2012 the trees finally came to fruition and the first olives were collected with the help of friends and family, the olives were hand picked from the trees and then stored in crates and processed the same day at low temperatures.

Since 2012 the brothers have participated in seminars on olive growing, olive oil tasting and state of the art olive oil production techniques, and since 2015 Michalis Pachnos has been certified by the ONAOO, the Italian olive oil tasters organisation.
In 2015 the harvest produced olives which went on to give an oil that was vivid green with a slight but pleasant bitterness, well balanced and with an extremely low acidity.
The Arbor Beata extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidants and has all the beneficial properties tht are expected of oils produced in the Mediterranaean region and is excellent with both fish and meat dishes as well as on salads, soups and pasta.

Our tasting panel found the oil from the 2015 extremely well balanced, smooth with an extremely pleasant aroma and taste and we hope to try the oil from the 2016 harvest early in 2017.
We also plan to make Arbor Beata extra virgin olive oil one of the eight olive oils that we use in our workshops in London and Cambridge in the UK, and hope to arrange a visit to the olive groves and mil in Greece in 2017.

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