Oleificio Silvestri Rosina

The Frantoio Oleificio Silvestri Rosina in the very south of Le Marche is owned and  run by the Albertini family who have been involved with the production of high quality organic extra virgin olive oil for generations.The mill and olive groves that produce this excellent organic extra virgin olive oil are very close to the Adriatic coast and in a region of Le Marche which is just north of the Abruzzo region of Italy.
In the past few years they have invested heavily in updating both their equipment and mill and where they now can use two types of extraction systems. Organic extra virgin olive oil can be produced both by the traditional method, using the antique granite millstones as well as the more modern way of extraction by centrifugation.
The olive oil is exclusively produced at their mill and their olives are directly supplied by small producers and farmers in their immediate area and they aim to offer oil of the very highest standard and freshness.
The soil and climate of hilly part of the Le Marche region produces a fruity and spicy extra virgin olive oil, where as the coastal side of the region produces an olive oil which is slightly more sweet. The climatic conditions, the blend of the different variety of olives used and the methods of production at the mill result in a high quality olive oil which is recognised both in Italy and Internationally.

The most widely used varieties in this region are Lecino and Frantoio which are then blended with Carboncella, Sargano, Tenera  Ascolana and Piantone di Falerone to create an organic extra virgin olive oil with diverse and unique aromas and taste. Oleficio Silvestri Rosina is one of the few organic olive oil producers in Le Marche and they have been very successful in exporting their olive oils and other produce  to many other countries throughout the world. They are certified as organic by the Biological Oil entity Suolo e Salute code 1126 an also proud to be a member of the organisation.
They produce a wonderful new unfiltered olive oil at the beginning of each season in November and their high quality extra virgin olive oil has also been blended to produce a small quantity of sweeter oil that they now market as being a perfect oil for children to taste and consume.
We are very pleased to have been able to import this fantastic range of fine extra virgin olive oils into the UK for the past six years and will be using their oils in our olive oil workshops both in London, Cambridge and Norwich in 2017.

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